Guaranteed Ways to Make your St. Patrick’s Day Easy and Fun

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow Sunday, March 17th.  We celebrated it this past week because we have Spring Break this coming week.  Yay!  We read various literature books on leprechauns and completed St. Patrick’s Day activities that integrate math, science, language arts, and art.  One of them was to create leprechaun traps to catch these mischievous creatures.   However, on our last day before the break, after we had made the traps, leprechauns visited our classroom when we stepped out and made a BIG mess!  Our hypothesis is that they entered though the roof.  You have to see for yourself.


What a mess they made in our classroom!

They even left a message and Skittles in our leprechaun traps!

It was a memorable day for the students…and the teacher!

~ Naomi ❤️


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