Ideas to Create New Resources

How do you get ideas for new products?

⭐️Create seasonal resources (holidays and monthly celebrations).
⭐️Check out the clipart that you have purchased for ideas to create new products.
⭐️If you are looking for a specific resource, but can’t find it on TpT, be the first to create it.
⭐️Be original and unique! That’s the secret to be a successful TpT seller.

Resources that Meet the Florida’s B.E.S.T. Standards are on SALE!

Hello Friends,

If you teach in Florida, you are aware that we have new standards. I have created resources that meet these standards. They are organized by grade level below. Please check them out if you are interested. Also, my store is on sale now until this Sunday (Father’s Day), so this is a great time to save some money while getting what you need for your students.





If you don’t see your grade represented above or if you don’t see a product that you would like to have using the Florida’s B.E.S.T. Standards, I would like you to know that I am in the process of adding new products. You may email me at if you have any questions.

I hope you continue to enjoy your well deserved summer break!

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Use your Freebies Wisely

When I started my TpT journey, I created a high number of freebies for my buyers. My goal then was to increase my number of followers.

It worked! However, I started noticing some patterns. For instance, I had a paid resource for St. Patrick’s Day and a freebie for that too. The freebie was a separate product not connected to the paid resource. While the freebie was being downloaded multiple times and getting great feedback, the paid resource was not selling… at all!

I saw this pattern with other resources in my TpT store. I definitely wanted to have followers, but after all, this was a business, so I wanted it to grow and definitely increase my sales.

I made some business decisions that worked in my favor:

⭐️I converted some of my freebies as paid products. Additional content and pages were added to the selected freebies to support being paid resources.

⭐️I connected other freebies to paid products in my store. I offered a few key pages for free and posted the paid product linked to it.

I still have freebies in my TpT store that need to be transformed into paid products or connected to a paid product, but I think I am on the right track. The bottom line is that I now have a goal and a plan. Yes, I want to have followers; however, I want these followers to want the quality of my products enough to purchase them. I have a business that I want to grow after all.

Below, there is an example of a freebie that leads to a paid product.

In the comments section below, please comment on how you use your freebies in your store.

Take care,

~ Naomi

Tips on How to Use Your Time Wisely!

I work full time as many of you. Therefore, the time I dedicate to creating and updating resources on TpT is limited. Like many of you, I have a family and a home to take care. The tips below have helped me in my TpT journey. I hope you find them helpful.

⭐️When we are creating or updating TpT resources, we should focus on the process fully. We should give it our undivided attention. I personally close my office door and disconnect from the world. I keep my phone near in case there is an emergency call; however, I do not text or check my social media accounts during this time. Doing this helps me to be more productive and efficient.
⭐️I have created templates for my products, covers, and previews. This means that when I start a new product or want to update a resource, having a template saves me time.
⭐️I use templates for my social media posts and videos too. Canva Pro has been very valuable in this process, which definitely helps me save time.
⭐️When I work on a product, I do my best to finish it in a week unless it is a large product or bundle. I do my best to focus on that specific product until it is completed.
⭐️I use a calendar to be accountable with my time. I plan what I am going to accomplish on each day. My goals for each day are measurable and realistic. Then, at the end of the day, I put a check mark ✅ on the left side of the goals that I accomplished for that day. By the way, I write my goals using erasable gel pens in case I have to make adjustments.
⭐️I do not work each night or weekend. When I first opened my TpT store, I worked tirelessly at home after teaching all day and also on weekends. However, I have learned to balance my life and be kind to myself, so I choose when I will dedicate my time to TpT.

I hope this helps someone!

The video below was created by Ms. Judy’s Cuties on iMovie. If you are looking for a resource on blends, please check it out.

Convert Negative Feedback into a Positive Experience

When I first started my TpT journey in 2014, I received great reviews on my products in my first year…until one day when I received a poor review. The buyer wrote that the product was too expensive for what it offered.

I was upset and crushed! I was angry at the buyer for not appreciating my hard work. I couldn’t stop reading the comment… and wanted to respond to the feedback in a not so kind way, but I decided to wait before responding.

As the days passed, I started reflecting on the feedback left by the buyer. After checking my product a good number of times, I realized that the buyer was not incorrect. My product had solid content, but it was overpriced if I took into consideration the number of pages included. Therefore, I made the decision to update the resource and make it better. I was determined to have my disappointed buyer not to regret buying my product in the first place.

I took my time to update the product. I did not stuffed it. Instead, I added what I would want to see in it if I were the buyer. When I was 100% satisfied, I uploaded it.

About 8 years have passed since this experience. This resource has been a best seller for years. I have updated this product two more times since then, and it is still one of my best sellers.

My advice to you when you receive negative feedback is to use it as a learning experience.

⭐️Read the feedback carefully and many times to make sure you get what the buyer is saying. If possible, have your objective friends read it and ask them to give you their opinion.

⭐️Do not take the feedback personally. It is not about you. It is about your product. It you need to update it, do not hesitate to make it better. Your future buyers will thank you.

⭐️Be objective and proactive, not reactive. It is difficult to detach ourselves from our emotions, but it is essential to do so when reading negative feedback.

⭐️Do not rush to respond. Take your time. Do not respond when you are upset. Wait until several days have passed and you have peace of mind.

I hope this experience helps someone!

Flatten and Secure your Resources

Why should we flatten and secure our resources?

⭐️ The Terms of Use of most clipart artists require that our resources are flattened and secured as a PDF file.

⭐️If your resource is saved as a PDF file, but not flattened, anyone could lift the images and copy your content easily.

I use Flatpack from @bearwoodlabs to flatten my resources. It’s one of the best investments I have made in my business. I used to save my resources as JPEG and then insert each of the images, one at a time, on my pages. It worked, but it took a lot of time. Flatpack solved that problem. It does it in a few seconds. I no longer have to convert my resources into JPEG to flatten them.

Once flattened, I save them as PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is also one of my best purchases. Once saved, I add a password that will be needed to edit them.

In the comments section below, please share what programs you use to flatten and save your files.

Seven Tips for TpT Sellers

During my TpT journey, I have learned a few things that have worked well for me. I will share some of them with you today while others will be shared in another post.

⭐️Focus on creating new products. This is key to being successful!
⭐️Update your resources, not just the cover and preview, but the resource per se to make sure that it is still relevant, competitive and marketable.
⭐️Advertise once you have a good number of products in your store. If Pinterest works for you, use Pinterest. If Instagram or Facebook work for you, advertise on them. You do not have to advertise on all of them. Try what works better for you and the ones that bring money to your TpT store. At this time, I only advertise on Pinterest.
⭐️You do not need to have a blog to be successful. I have a blog, but I do not post regularly. However, my blog brings business to my TpT store.
⭐️Invest in high quality clipart and fonts.
⭐️Take photos of your products in action.
⭐️Make sure that your paid products have a preview, and if possible, a video preview too.
⭐️Flatten and secure your resources.
⭐️Create good quality freebies. They are free advertising.⭐️Covers should be squared. Some people make them 8”x8” while others make them larger.

The cover below is an example of the types of covers I create. It is square and measures 8″x8″. It includes the resource title, the type of resource, the target grade levels, an example of one of the pages included, my logo, and date of creation.

What other tips would you add to my list? Please share what has worked well you.

Save Your Computer Files!!!

A few years ago , my computer crashed. I had most of my work saved on a couple jump drives; however, I forgot to save my recent files on the jump drives. I took my computer to an expert, but he couldn’t recover my files. I had most of the files on my jump drives, so to recover my recent files, I downloaded the PDF files from TpT and converted them to PowerPoint. The PowerPoint files were not perfect after being converted; however, they were a great way to recover the lost files.

I learned my lesson. From then on, I have used an external hard drive and also One Drive to save my files.

In the comments section below please share how you save your files.

TpT Product Previews

I don’t know about you, but I would never purchase a resource that doesn’t have a preview. A preview is a must in your TpT product. It should clearly explain what the resource includes. It should be inviting and provide samples of the product. Photos of the resource in action are preferred as they clearly show what the buyer can do in their own classroom.

Some TpT sellers choose to show the entire product in their preview. Others show the most important features in their products. I think this is a personal preference. The most important thing is to make sure that all the resources that you sell have a preview.

Please check out my of video preview below. I created it on PowerPoint, but I also use Canva to create video previews.

This is a preview that I created on PowerPoint for my Cinco de Mayo Bundle.

In the comments below please share if previews or video previews is something you routinely do or if you don’t think a preview is needed.