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Morning Work is a vital part of our classroom routine. Not only are my students able to review and practice skills, it helps them settle down and gives me a chance to check the student binder. Each student in our school has a binder that holds the student planner and communication folder. Having my students working quietly gives me a chance to check each student binder for any absence notes, lunch money, changes in dismissal, etc. I can also use this time for any one-on-one testing I need to accomplish uninterrupted.

I find that Morning Work has to be consistent. It has to be the right balance of meaningful and practical. It can’t be something they finish in a flash, but also can’t be so difficult that I will get a million questions. Can I get an AMEN?

The Morning Work I use in my classroom is the Morning Work Bundle for Kindergarten and First Grade. 


This Morning Work follows the logical progression of the school year with skills that my students are working on in the classroom. I usually like to have my morning work follow my instruction to use it as a review. For example, if I teach the letter “Aa” on Monday, I would want to use the Morning Work that covers the letter “Aa” on Tuesday morning. However, I have a couple of my teacher friends using it to preview instruction. Either way, it’s a life saver!

This Morning Work also follows a very consistent pattern, which is awesome! It also varies slightly every couple of weeks to keep things interesting. When I begin using this Morning Work with my kindergarteners at the beginning of the school year, I model EVERYTHING for at least a week. Some students get it after the first two or three days, some really need the whole week. It really just depends on the group of kids I have that year. Regardless, I don’t mind modeling everything if I get the result I’m looking for, which is having my students complete the Morning Work accurately and independently.

This week, the Morning Work switched to cutting and gluing. My kiddos desperately need to practice these skills, but if you know kindergarteners, they can go a little crazy with a pair of scissors in hand. I usually use the last 5 to 10 minutes of my morning planning time to set up my example. I usually set it up under my Ladibug Document Camera and display it on my lovely SmartBoard.



After giving them some time to unpack, I let the whole class know that the Morning Work for the letter “Kk” will be a little different than usual. I tell them I have an example for them on the SmartBoard and that they really need to follow all the directions. The first few days of the school year, no matter how many times I reminded them, I had students bringing me Morning Work that was missing some tracing or missing the “write the letter” column. However, after some persistence on my part, we are finally at the point where it is less and less common for them to miss a step.

Is anyone else bothered by that uncapped glue stick in the picture below? That’s the reason for the pack of 8 glue sticks on the supply list, friends!






If my students followed all the directions, I give them a check at the top with one of my Mr. Sketch Scented Markers. The kids love getting a smelly check mark. Nothing says “great job” like a check mark that smells like mint! After they get the check mark from me, they know to put the Morning Work in their Take Home Folder. Once they put it away, they can grab a STEM bin until we are ready to start Morning Meeting.


Hope you enjoy this Morning Work as much as I do!

-Judy ❤️


TpT for Schools

Dear Teachers,

I want to make sure you know about TpT for Schools! Educators like you already turn to TpT to get resources to meet the needs of all types of learners — and now your school can support you in purchasing these resources! TpT for Schools is an easy, centralized way for your administrator to use school funds to buy the resources you need from TpT. Learn more here about how your administrator can sign up:

TpT for Schools

Happy shopping!

Naomi ❤️

Beginning Blends: Have You Tried This Yet?

Teaching beginning blends is not an easy task.  However, there are many resources online to help teachers accomplish this goal.  One of the resources that is effective in helping students learn beginning blends is my Beginning Blends Bundle.  It includes the following beginning blends: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw.

You may check out the video below for additional information on this resource.  You will not regret it.

On another note, TpT will be having a statewide sale on Wednesday, August 1st and Thursday, August 2nd.  You may save up to 25% using the code BTSFRESH at checkout.  This is a great opportunity to acquire the Beginning Blends Bundle and other resources that you may need for your classroom at a reduced price.

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Happy Shopping!


Naomi ❤

How to Grow Your TpT Store

Flap Jack Factory

Someone said to me once that the most effective way to grow your TpT store is by creating meaningful, well constructed resources.   A good friend and colleague introduced me to FlapJack Factory  and I cannot be happier!  This course is inexpensive if we consider everything that it offers.  In my personal experience, after finishing the first of six courses, I had already sold enough to cover the price that I spent for this training.

This training is compounded of 6 separate courses.  Tabatha, the trainer and creator, is amazing! She explains everything step by step, using pictures and detailed directions.  She is ready to answer any questions I have had along the way.

The first course that I completed was Class Decor.  I had created class decor products prior to completing this training, so I was not new to this line of products.  I have been on TpT for 4 years now, so I am not considered a new seller.  However, what I learned with Tabatha simplified my life and gave me tools or templates to make my job easier and more effective.

The course is FABULOUS! It is helpful for new and veteran TpT sellers alike.  I have already completed the following courses:

  1. Class Decor
  2. PowerPoint Templates
  3. Lapbooks and Interactive Notebooks

I am now in the middle of PowerPoint and Smart Board Games.  My last courses to complete this training will be Poke Cards and QR Code Task Cards.  You can see my progress on the picture below:

Flap Jack progress

Why don’t you check it out and decide for yourself whether or not this comprehensive training is for you?  You may click on the affiliate link below or on any of the pictures to go directly to Tabatha’s courses.

If you decide this course is for you, let me know how it goes.

Good luck!

Naomi ❤

Have You Tried Tailwind Yet?

You can get $30 when you join tailwind before June 17th (it usually is $15). I have been using Tailwind for one year now and it has greatly improved my sales through Pinterest. I don’t really have to worry about pinning daily. All you have to do is select your pins and pin them to several boards in just one click, setting an interval at the same time. My referral link is below in case you are interested.

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May K.M.

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Naomi ❤️

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Did You Know?

Teachers Pay Teachers is a site that millions visit to purchase resources for their students.   Even though this site is visited globally, there are many customers who do not leave a review on their purchase.  Perhaps they do not know that leaving a fair feedback on their purchased items gives them TpT credits or points, which they can use toward future purchases.   I have personally even purchased items for free using my TpT points!  So… if you have not left feedback on the resources that you have purchased on TpT,  click on MY PURCHASES, and you will be able to see which items are missing feedback.

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Processing New Information


I have learned that processing new information is instrumental to engage students in learning new concepts.  In my experience, students need to be provided with processing experiences after new critical information is presented.  According to Dr. Marzano, these processing experiences may take from 2-3 minutes or 30 minutes.  Time spent on processing experiences depend on the level of difficulty, rigor, or complexity of the critical information that is being presented.

How can teachers facilitate the active processing of new content?  There are several teaching strategies associated with facilitating the active processing of new content:

  1. Teaching and modeling, including the use of the Gradual Release Model
  2. Planning and providing extensive opportunities for students to process new content
  3. Organizing students in groups
  4. Facilitating the implementation of active processing
  5. Monitoring students for the desired effect

Students can process new information independently; however, it is more effective when processing in small groups.

How do we know that students are processing new information? The observable behaviors of active processing include the following:

  1. Talking/Discussing
  2. Sharing
  3. Predicting
  4. Explaining
  5. Writing
  6. Summarizing
  7. Paraphrasing
  8. Questioning
  9. Generating conclusions

Many of my lessons and unit plans on Teachers Pay Teachers include activities to promote effective processing of new information.  These resources are available individually or bundled.  Please click on the links below to explore these resources:

Lesson and Unit Plans Reading and Math BundleLesson and Unit Plans ReadingLesson and Unit Plans Math

For additional information on processing new information, please read Dr. Marzano’s books, especially The Art and Science of Teaching.