Kid-Friendly Goals and Scales {Illustrated, Standards Based, Marzano Aligned}

Goals and Scales for Kindergarten {ELA, Kid Friendly, Pict        Goals and Scales for Kindergarten {Math, Kid Friendly, Pic

Goals and Scales for Kindergarten {Science, Kid Friendly,          Goals and Scales for Kindergarten {Social Studies, Kid Fri

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I have used illustrated goals and scales in my kindergarten classroom for a few years now. They drive my instruction.  They are aligned with the standards and Marzano.  The goals and illustrated scales help my students “visualize” what they need to learn, what level of the scale they are at, and what level they have to be in order to meet the standard.

I created these illustrated scales for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Each strand is color coded. The goals and scales keep the intent of the standard, but are adapted to words students understand, which make them student friendly goals and scales.

On each level of the scales, the students will see pictures next to the words. The pictures are geared towards students who are not able to read and understand. Therefore, these students have picture scales.

Level 1 of each scale contains the phrase “With help, partial success at 2.0 content or 3.0 content.” According to Dr. Marzano, any student who is not able to master the content at level 2 or level 3 is considered to be at level 1. In other words, students at level 1 receive differentiated assistance from the teacher.

Level 2 contains the foundational knowledge and skills needed to build to level 3. Some standards with a lower Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level are included on this level if they are considered foundational.

Level 3 content and skills are standard specific. They mirror the standard.

Level 4 includes content and skills that have students moving up a cognitive level from the goal (level 3 on the scale).

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