Ideas to Accompany the Text “Duck for President”

“Duck for President” by Doreen Cronin is one of my favorite books to read in my classroom.  In this text, Duck is not happy with the chores that Farmer Brown assigns to him, so he decides to hold an election to get a different job.  He does this a few times because he does not like the jobs he is elected to.  He also finds that being president is very hard.  I do not want to spoil the end, so read it for yourself.  It is a funny, wonderful book to read at any time of the year that.  You may find in your classroom library, Media Center, bookstore, or Public Library.


After reading the text and asking comprehension questions orally, I pass the worksheet below to sequence the events of the story.  Students color the events illustrated on the bottom of the worksheet.  Then, they have to cut them out and place them in the order that the events happened in the story.  Last, they paste the pictures in the correct order.

I have posted photos of this activity below:



Picture3   Picture4

You may find this activity and others in the resource listed below:


What activities do you do in your classroom with “Duck for President”?

~ Naomi ❤️

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