Use your Freebies Wisely

When I started my TpT journey, I created a high number of freebies for my buyers. My goal then was to increase my number of followers.

It worked! However, I started noticing some patterns. For instance, I had a paid resource for St. Patrick’s Day and a freebie for that too. The freebie was a separate product not connected to the paid resource. While the freebie was being downloaded multiple times and getting great feedback, the paid resource was not selling… at all!

I saw this pattern with other resources in my TpT store. I definitely wanted to have followers, but after all, this was a business, so I wanted it to grow and definitely increase my sales.

I made some business decisions that worked in my favor:

⭐️I converted some of my freebies as paid products. Additional content and pages were added to the selected freebies to support being paid resources.

⭐️I connected other freebies to paid products in my store. I offered a few key pages for free and posted the paid product linked to it.

I still have freebies in my TpT store that need to be transformed into paid products or connected to a paid product, but I think I am on the right track. The bottom line is that I now have a goal and a plan. Yes, I want to have followers; however, I want these followers to want the quality of my products enough to purchase them. I have a business that I want to grow after all.

Below, there is an example of a freebie that leads to a paid product.

In the comments section below, please comment on how you use your freebies in your store.

Take care,

~ Naomi

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