Tips on How to Use Your Time Wisely!

I work full time as many of you. Therefore, the time I dedicate to creating and updating resources on TpT is limited. Like many of you, I have a family and a home to take care. The tips below have helped me in my TpT journey. I hope you find them helpful.

⭐️When we are creating or updating TpT resources, we should focus on the process fully. We should give it our undivided attention. I personally close my office door and disconnect from the world. I keep my phone near in case there is an emergency call; however, I do not text or check my social media accounts during this time. Doing this helps me to be more productive and efficient.
⭐️I have created templates for my products, covers, and previews. This means that when I start a new product or want to update a resource, having a template saves me time.
⭐️I use templates for my social media posts and videos too. Canva Pro has been very valuable in this process, which definitely helps me save time.
⭐️When I work on a product, I do my best to finish it in a week unless it is a large product or bundle. I do my best to focus on that specific product until it is completed.
⭐️I use a calendar to be accountable with my time. I plan what I am going to accomplish on each day. My goals for each day are measurable and realistic. Then, at the end of the day, I put a check mark ✅ on the left side of the goals that I accomplished for that day. By the way, I write my goals using erasable gel pens in case I have to make adjustments.
⭐️I do not work each night or weekend. When I first opened my TpT store, I worked tirelessly at home after teaching all day and also on weekends. However, I have learned to balance my life and be kind to myself, so I choose when I will dedicate my time to TpT.

I hope this helps someone!

The video below was created by Ms. Judy’s Cuties on iMovie. If you are looking for a resource on blends, please check it out.

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