Convert Negative Feedback into a Positive Experience

When I first started my TpT journey in 2014, I received great reviews on my products in my first year…until one day when I received a poor review. The buyer wrote that the product was too expensive for what it offered.

I was upset and crushed! I was angry at the buyer for not appreciating my hard work. I couldn’t stop reading the comment… and wanted to respond to the feedback in a not so kind way, but I decided to wait before responding.

As the days passed, I started reflecting on the feedback left by the buyer. After checking my product a good number of times, I realized that the buyer was not incorrect. My product had solid content, but it was overpriced if I took into consideration the number of pages included. Therefore, I made the decision to update the resource and make it better. I was determined to have my disappointed buyer not to regret buying my product in the first place.

I took my time to update the product. I did not stuffed it. Instead, I added what I would want to see in it if I were the buyer. When I was 100% satisfied, I uploaded it.

About 8 years have passed since this experience. This resource has been a best seller for years. I have updated this product two more times since then, and it is still one of my best sellers.

My advice to you when you receive negative feedback is to use it as a learning experience.

⭐️Read the feedback carefully and many times to make sure you get what the buyer is saying. If possible, have your objective friends read it and ask them to give you their opinion.

⭐️Do not take the feedback personally. It is not about you. It is about your product. It you need to update it, do not hesitate to make it better. Your future buyers will thank you.

⭐️Be objective and proactive, not reactive. It is difficult to detach ourselves from our emotions, but it is essential to do so when reading negative feedback.

⭐️Do not rush to respond. Take your time. Do not respond when you are upset. Wait until several days have passed and you have peace of mind.

I hope this experience helps someone!

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