Seven Tips for TpT Sellers

During my TpT journey, I have learned a few things that have worked well for me. I will share some of them with you today while others will be shared in another post.

⭐️Focus on creating new products. This is key to being successful!
⭐️Update your resources, not just the cover and preview, but the resource per se to make sure that it is still relevant, competitive and marketable.
⭐️Advertise once you have a good number of products in your store. If Pinterest works for you, use Pinterest. If Instagram or Facebook work for you, advertise on them. You do not have to advertise on all of them. Try what works better for you and the ones that bring money to your TpT store. At this time, I only advertise on Pinterest.
⭐️You do not need to have a blog to be successful. I have a blog, but I do not post regularly. However, my blog brings business to my TpT store.
⭐️Invest in high quality clipart and fonts.
⭐️Take photos of your products in action.
⭐️Make sure that your paid products have a preview, and if possible, a video preview too.
⭐️Flatten and secure your resources.
⭐️Create good quality freebies. They are free advertising.⭐️Covers should be squared. Some people make them 8”x8” while others make them larger.

The cover below is an example of the types of covers I create. It is square and measures 8″x8″. It includes the resource title, the type of resource, the target grade levels, an example of one of the pages included, my logo, and date of creation.

What other tips would you add to my list? Please share what has worked well you.

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