The Easiest Way to Create a Rotating TpT Banner on PowerPoint

Rotating banners are very popular among TpT sellers.  They don’t just add style to their TpT stores, but provide a way to promote their stores for free!  

Creating a rotating banner is easy! If you would like to create one, please follow the steps below:

Open PowerPoint and click on DESIGN on the top menu. Then, click on SLIDE SIDE on the right side of the menu. Click on CUSTOM SLIDE SIZE.

Set the slide size to 6.278 inches for 2.181 inches and click OK.

Click on ENSURE FIT.

 You may then start adding your message using your favorite fonts and clipart.  

I usually create five slides with the messages I want to show on my TpT store. You may create the messages that you like and as many slides as you want.  You can even add screenshots with covers of your products… anything that you would like to enhance and promote your store.

Once you are done creating your slides, make sure you save your work on your computer. You don’t want to lose what you have created.

After saving it, go to FILE and click on EXPORT.


Set the seconds to spend on each slide to 02.00 seconds or 03.00 seconds. If you prefer to move the slides quicker, you may set it to 01.00 second, but your GIF will be very fast.  Then, click on CREATE GIF.

Save it to your files.  This is the GIF that you will upload to TpT.

To upload it to TpT, go to MY ACCOUNT once logged in to TpT.


Go all the way to the bottom and click on EDIT.

Click on PERSONAL QUOTE and then on CHOOSE FILE.   Once you click on CHOOSE FILE, locate the GIF that you created and select it.

Last, click on SAVE… and that’s it!!!!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you would like to purchase your rotating quote banner instead of making it yourself, there are many TpT sellers who do this.  I have some banners for sale myself.  Please click below if you are interested.

TPT Store Rotating Animated Quote Box |   Boho Rainbow Themed
Boho Rainbow Themed
TPT Store Rotating Animated Quote Box |   Princess/Fairy Themed
Princess/Fairy Themed

Happy creating… or happy shopping!

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