Post Like a Pro!

Have you ever felt like you have nothing to post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc.? Would you like to have positive messages to post on social media and/or your blog? The resource below includes positive quotes… some fun and silly that you can use for Social Media, blog posts, or just print to decorate your classroom or office! It includes FIFTY (50) beautifully decorated ready-to-go quotes. The first twenty-two quotes are general, positive messages. The rest of the quotes are messages that apply only to teachers.

Additional Information:

⭐The poster quotes are square, size 8″x8″.

⭐They are provided in JPEG format.

⭐They are for PERSONAL USE only, so you will not be allowed to sell these quote clipart or share them with others for free.

⭐Credit is not required. Just add your logo to the images if you like and you’re set to go!

If you are interested in purchasing these quotes, please click on the image below and it will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you may purchase them if you like.

Happy Posting!

~ Naomi ❤️

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