Informational Text for K-1

Kindergarteners and first grade students need to be exposed to quality informational text.  Nonfiction writing exposes  students to real life reading and helps them develop their background knowledge.

When selecting informational texts, teachers need to take into account their student interests.  In my years of teaching, I have found that the majority of students are attracted to animals.  Therefore, when selecting nonfiction texts and/or creating materials for my students, I focus mainly on different types of animals.  Once students are interested in a specific nonfiction text and I have their attention, I can definitely teach the skills I have planned.

With this goal in mind, I created a series of nonfiction texts, which is called RESEARCH IT!  Each resource in this series features a different animal.   One of my objectives when creating this series was to have my students participate in shared research and writing projects (See CCSS.K.W.3.7).   Each resource in the series includes a non-editable PowerPoint presentation with photographs in color and information about the featured animal and a PDF file that includes the items below:

  • Informational booklet in black and white, which my students use for conducting their research project {or for independent reading or guided reading}.
  • Poster in B/W, which includes additional interesting facts about the featured animal
  • Life cycle anchor charts {colored and B/W which include cut-n-paste activity with answer key}
  • Worksheets for note-taking {2 choices}
  • Graphic organizers as pre-writing/research activities {4 choices}
  • Research template {2 choices: flip book with topper and Animal Research Book}

The series is available in both English and Spanish (separate or as a bundle).  Please click on the covers for additional information.


The last resource, Starfish, is in progress at this time, but will  be available at my TpT stores, Star Kids and Star Kids by Naomi soon.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below.


~ Naomi ❤️


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